My name is Jeroen Vogelpoel. In my daily live, I hit a keyboard for over eight hours per day develop software, mostly regarding Microsoft .Net with a specialty in ASP.NET. I have been doing so most of the time, for a period of close to eight years as of 2017. Besides that, I also have experience in writing load- and performance tests aimed at web applications. Lastly, I have experiences in training and coaching people in both web application development and testing.

In short, I make websites, I break websites and I train others how to, basically, do the same thing.

Lately, I have been focusing myself on .Net Core and then specifically on ASP.NET Core; of which this very website is the result. You can take a look at the Playground or my Blog to glance at my various experiments or my GitHub to take a look at the source of this websites.

And lastly, I am somewhat involved with my wife's business, China Plus. My activities there can best be described as doing something with computers and being a form of stress relief for my wife.

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